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Willy or Willie is a masculine given name, often a diminutive form (hypocorism) of William or Wilhelm, and occasionally a nickname. It may refer to:


Given name or nickname[edit]

Stage name, pen name, ring name or nom de guerre[edit]

  • Simeon Cuba Sarabia or Willy (1935-1967), Bolivian trade unionist and guerrilla under Che Guevara
  • Henry Gauthier-Villars (1859–1931), French fin-de-siecle writer and music critic, pen name Willy
  • Willy DeVille, American singer and songwriter born William Paul Borsey, Jr. (1950–2009)
  • Willy Moon, New Zealand-born singer and producer born William George Sinclair in 1989
  • Willie Nile, American folk and rock singer and songwriter born Robert Anthony Noonan (born 1948)
  • Willie Pep, American boxer born Guglielmo Papaleo (1922–2006)


Fictional characters[edit]


  • John Willys, (1873-1935), founder of Willys automobile company
  • Willys, a brand name of automobile manufacturer Willys-Overland


  • Colloquial term for penis
  • Where's Willy?, a website that tracks banknotes named for the portrait of Wilfrid Laurier on the Canadian $5 bill

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